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We are fully open, safe and accepting new patients.


In addition to practicing universal precautions and following the recommendations  of the ADA and CDC, we have also added online check-in and the option to wait in your car prior to your appointment. If you choose to wait in your car, one of our team members will gladly come to your vehicle when it is time for your appointment. It’s that easy. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Triax Dental is a general dental practice that provides comprehensive oral health care in Nashville, Tennessee

Our practice is open to everyone, including patients requiring special care and attention. We provide a service customized to the individual needs of each patient.

Why choose Triax?

In addition to a steadfast commitment to deliver the highest quality dental care, we value people and compassion.

These core values are the reason for Triax’s reputation as a preferred practice for patients with dental anxiety or special needs.

Happy, healthy smiles for everyone

Our trained and experienced staff are committed to providing clinical excellence and working closely with our patients to provide long-term solutions for optimal oral health.

Whether you require a routine check-up or special care, our friendly, compassionate and dedicated team will happily work to meet your personal needs.

Dental Phobia? Patients with Anxiety?

Does the thought of going to the dentist make you feel anxious? Triax Dental specializes in treating patients who may require extra appointment time due to anxiety, phobia or treatment tolerance.

We offer free desensitization appointments, where you can familiarize yourself with the office and meet the team without the pressure of an imminent treatment.

For patients who require extensive work or experience difficulties in clinical environments, we also offer the option of sedation dentistry.

Patients with special needs

At Triax Dental, the safety, comfort and dignity of our patients are at the forefront of our service goals.

Our dedicated team specializes in treating and caring for patients with special needs, including individuals with intellectual and development disabilities. We provide a Hoyer lift for patients who require assistance with transfers to the dental chair.

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Take a virtual tour

Our smart, comfortable and welcoming clinic was newly built in February 2017.  Click here or on the image below to take a virtual tour.

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Triax Dental works closely with patients, families and caregivers to provide outstanding dental care and overcome barriers to treatment

Comprehensive Dentistry

Preventative, restorative and rehabilitative dental services

Person Centered Treatment

We believe in empowering and educating our clients

Desensitization Appointments

Familiarization tours for patients with anxiety, dental phobia, etc.

Safe Transfers

A Hoyer lift is available for patients with mobility concerns.

Ready to get started?

Call our office to book an appointment:  (615) 915-6090