Triax closes mobile service

Triax Dental began as a mobile operation nearly four years ago. During its operation, the mobile unit visited 26 different treatment sites and treated over 1,500 patients. The goal was to develop a mobile dental program that not only treated dental needs in TN, but also needs in other states.

The mobile program allowed us to developed relationships with patients, caregivers and family members across Middle and East TN. We are grateful for the opportunity to have these relationships.Operating a mobile dental program has had many rewards, successes and challenges. Over the years, we have learned to overcome many challenges. However, it has become apparent that the expenses and logistics of operating a comprehensive mobile dental program is not sustainable. Therefore, effective 09/28/17, we will be removing the mobile dental service from our operation and closing our mobile dental unit.

Our dental service is still completely operational and we will still be providing comprehensive dental service from our brick and mortar office. All patients are welcome to be seen at our office located at 330 Wallace Rd., Suite 106, Nashville, TN 37211. Our office was newly built in February 2017 and has four dental operatories. Click here to take a virtual tour of the office.

We understand that removing the mobile dental service will create a barrier to care for some of our patients due to difficulties with transportation and we apologize for this inconvenience. As much as we would appreciate the opportunity to continue caring for all patients, we understand that there may be other options that are more suitable for patients’ needs.

Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you through this transition. We look forward to seeing you in Nashville soon.

How to Brush a Person’s Teeth for Them

Kelli helps our patient Capri brush her teeth and shows others how they can do the same for others who need assistance brushing their teeth. Brushing someone’s teeth is not necessarily an easy task, but something that can be learned with just a little practice. One tip Kelli provides in the video is to stand behind the person when brushing their teeth because it is the same direction one uses when brushing their own teeth.

How to use a Floss Pick

Flossing daily is important to maintaining good oral health. A floss pick is a great tool to use to floss teeth. In this video, Kelli shows our patient Tyler how to use this tool.

Brushing with an Electric Toothbrush

Kelli shows our patient, Tyler, how to use an electric toothbrush. She explains the importance of brushing each individual tooth, brushing for two minutes, brushing around the gum line and also brushing the tongue. The particular toothbrush used in the video clicks off after four minutes to help users brush for the proper amount of time.

Brushing with a Caregiver

In this video, Monisha and Robert show how they work together to ensure Robert brushes his teeth properly. For many patients with disabilities, caregiver support is crucial for daily dental health. Robert and Monisha cover some important tips for proper brushing.

Dental Success Story: Robert

Robert was scheduled to come in for gum surgery, but when he came in for an appointment, his oral health had improved so much that the surgery was no longer required. Triax staff give a lot of credit for the change to his caregiver, who worked with him to help him improve his oral health. His caregiver, Monisha, says the primary way she helped was by brushing her teeth along with him. Robert says his teeth feel much better now!

Dental Success Story: Tyler

Before coming to Triax, 22-year-old Tyler said he had never been told or taught to brush his teeth. At one point, the infection in his mouth was so bad, his eyes were swollen shut. He has less anxiety coming to the dentist than he did in the past and after a year of coming to Triax, his hygiene has improved drastically.

The Use of Sedation

Triax dentists are certified to administer Moderate Conscious Sedation to help patients reach a state of comfort at dental appointments. A patient may need IV Sedation, Oral Sedation or Nitrous Oxide. The type of sedation used is tailored to each individual patient. In determining what option is best, the level of comfort of both the caregiver and the patient is considered.

A Caregiver’s Role in Dental Health

For individuals with IDD, a caregiver’s role is often crucial to the individual’s oral health. It is important that a patient’s caregiver is well-educated on what it takes to take care of someone’s oral health. In this video, a Direct Support Professional of one of our patients shows how she works with Robert, an individual she supports, to ensure he maintains good oral health.

Introduction to Dental Health

Dr. Vaughan, Dr. Vaswani and Dr. Shah discuss the relationship between overall health and dental health. Good oral health is a good predictor of overall health. One of the biggest concerns seen in our patients is lack of good nutrition. Excessive amounts of sweets, for example, lead to poor oral health. In the video, our doctors provide some recommendations for improving oral health and reducing Periodontal Disease.