Our valued team members at Triax are not only talented and experienced – they’re also caring, compassionate and dedicated to improving access to the highest standards of oral health.

How we work together as a team, and as a company, ultimately affects how we treat, support and care for our patients. That’s why Triax is grounded on three core values that make the spirit of Triax, which guide us as we strive to provide the best possible service every single day.

Complete communication

We believe in being open and honest. As advocates for total transparency in the workplace, we encourage an environment where our friendly team has the confidence to communicate all things appropriate to everyone necessary all the time! We believe that trust, sincerity and collaboration foster strong relationships and inspire us to achieve at the highest level.

Chosen excellence

We actively choose excellence, whether we are answering the phone or performing a clinical procedure. How do we do that? We ask ourselves, ”what is the best way to do what needs to be done?”. We choose excellence because we have a shared vision, and a mutual commitment to achieve our goal of expanding access to oral health care at the individual level. It is also the fact that working at Triax provides the opportunity to put vital skills to use where they are most needed and make a difference to the community.

Initiate gratefulness

We promote and encourage an environment where you get to feel good about yourself and the people you work with. We value the relationships we have and those we come in contact with. We believe that being grateful, even for the small things, fosters a workplace where people want to be and stay.

The spirit of Triax

Each of our team members reflects the spirit of Triax and our unique values-based approach to oral health. We’re proud of our team and how they work to make Triax successful in its endeavor to expand access to dental care in our community.

We invest, support and encourage our team to enjoy what they do and who they are with. So whether you’re a prospective patient or searching for a new position at a place that shares your values, come and join us at Triax Dental. We look forward to hearing from you!

Take some time to get to know our team by browsing the profiles below.

Owner, Chief Dental Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Scheduling Coordinator, RDA
Insurance Coordinator