Moyses met Dr. Vaughan some years ago and was amazed at how Triax was delivering oral care. Moyses has been a strong member of our team since he joined. He is our go-to guy for every technological question, problem or concern. He has 12 years of experience working with startup companies. Moyses says his biggest accomplishments have been creating high productivity teams, hiring excellent people and creating a nice company culture. He has certainly used his experience to help Triax grow into the company it is today.

In his free time, Moyses enjoys being outside biking, hiking or running. He was a professional athlete in his early years, so he tries to maintain a connection to a healthy life. He one day dreams to swim on the English Channel. Moyses says, “It’s been a pleasure to work at Triax. I really want to create the most incredible place for our patients. I know that it will take a lot of work to get there, but I don’t see it any other way. We have to improve our world, our community and do good.”